In mobile Chrome testing.

В мобильном Chrome тестируют управление жестами

Google continues to test new features for its browser, including gestures. Now to return to the previous page you can «shipnow» to the middle from the left side of the screen. And to go forward to the page you had already left, quite similar to swipe from the right edge.

This feature is already implemented in Chrome OS and the macOS, but the company decided to embed it in a mobile web browser.

В мобильном Chrome тестируют управление жестами1

To try innovation, you can now, using advanced version of Chrome Dev or Chrome Canary. Run the function by typing chrome://flags/#overscroll-history-nagivation in the search string. After the browser opens the menu for developers, you will need to activate the «Navigation gestures».

This functionality will help management to make Chrome one hand easier and faster. As soon as the gesture control will appear in the main version of the application is unknown.


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