NVIDIA GauGAN turns the sketch into a realistic image

NVIDIA GauGAN превращает набросок в реалистичное изображение

NVIDIA introduced software GauGAN. With the help of neural network algorithms, it turns the outline into a photorealistic image. Just a few touches — the system will understand what you wanted to portray the user.

In GauGAN there are three tools: a bucket of paint, pen and pencil. From the bottom there are blocks with objects. You can choose, for example, water, a pencil to draw a circle and fill it with bucket paint program draw a realistic lake.

Now GauGAN works only with natural objects, but the authors argue that it is possible to train the system on other elements. This will help architects, designers and game developers to easily create prototypes.

Even if you draw almost identical sketches, GauGAN will give a unique result for each. A detailed examination of the images showed inaccuracies — NVIDIA promises to fix it in the future.


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