The new shell OPPO ColorOS 6 «frameless» design

Новая оболочка OPPO ColorOS 6 с «безрамочным» дизайном

OPPO has introduced a new version of the shell 6 ColorOS based on Android operating system 9 Pie. The main difference from its predecessor — Borderless Design.

The system received a new bright and elegant color, which makes the smartphone «frameless». The developers have made the interaction with what is displayed on the screen, more intuitive.

ColorOS comes with a 6 function AI Cold Storage, which «freezes» the apps running in the background to reduce passive energy consumption. There are improvements in the camera, where I added a larger dynamic range for the bokeh effect, and combining similar notifications into one category.

Новая оболочка OPPO ColorOS 6 с «безрамочным» дизайном1

Новая оболочка OPPO ColorOS 6 с «безрамочным» дизайном2

Новая оболочка OPPO ColorOS 6 с «безрамочным» дизайном3

Новая оболочка OPPO ColorOS 6 с «безрамочным» дизайном4

Also, the shell has integrated support for voice assistant Breeno, which currently operates only in certain countries. Changes and affected performance: improved tactile control, reduced latency and increased performance during games.

The debut of the new ColorOS interface 6 may be held April 10. On this day, the Reno sub-brand owned by OPPO, will show its first smartphone.


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