The best flagships of the beginning of 2019. Which one to choose?

Лучшие флагманы начала 2019 года. Какой выбрать?

At the end of February in Barcelona hosted the Mobile World Congress 2019 in which large companies like Sony, LG, Samsung, Nokia and Xiaomi, presented their new flagships.

As a result, consumers were faced with a difficult choice: buy the flagship at the end of last year, or expect the delivery of entirely new devices.

Now we will see how to change the «balance of forces» on the market after MWC flagships 2019, the selecting of the premium price segment the most attractive device of late 2018 – early 2019.

iPhone XS and XS Max

If you are looking for a flagship with perfect performance, expensive appearance and long-term support for two years to forget about buying a new smartphone — iPhone XS and XS Max created for you.

What surprise? Both smartphone is equipped with OLED display with great calibration and HDR support, a powerful processor A12 Bionic and still the best technology of facial recognition Face ID.

iPhone XS Max a large display size of 6.5 inches and supports two physical SIM cards are special versions. On the side of the iPhone XS compact body, the dimensions of which will appreciate the most users, unlike the prices.

The cost in Russia:

  • The average price of the iPhone XS Max in «Yandex.Market» — 75 000 rubles
  • Price iPhone Max XS in a network «Eldorado» — from 89 990 rubles
  • The average price of the iPhone XS in «Yandex.Market» — from 69 000
  • Price iPhone XS in the marketplace Goods — 80 790 rubles

iPhone XR

Mistakenly believing XR cheap iPhone, because out of warranty repairs and high-quality accessories, you still «won’t be cheap». Nevertheless, this is a good way to get the key innovations of current models of iPhone at a more affordable price.

Than surprised? IPhone XR an outstanding range at the battery with a capacity of 2942 humble mAh. You can count on more than six hours IPS display, around which was a lot of controversy.

At a diagonal of 6.1 inches it has a resolution of 1792×828 pixels, which is less usual for Android devices Full HD. However, the «grain» in the image should not be afraid, because the density of pixels in order, 326 ppi.

As the lines of the XS, there is A12 Bionic and updated: new main module for 12 MP with HDR and Smart TrueDepth second generation.

The cost in Russia:

  • The average cost in «Yandex.Market» — 53 000 rubles
  • The cost of Goods on the marketplace — from 57 990 rubles

Galaxy S10 and S10+

Galaxy S10+ — «the freshest» technological trend and the flagship of the existing at the moment. If you wish to «hypnoti» here and now to choose anything else is simply impossible.

Than surprised? In a large AMOLED-display 6.4 inches with a resolution QuadHD+ placed dual front camera (upper right corner) and ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, which is speed rivals that of any optical sensor.

Even on the back of the smartphone there is a triple module main camera: wide-angle 12 MP with a variable aperture of f/1.5 to 2.4, an ultra-wide angle module with 16 megapixels and a telephoto lens on the 12 MP. First tests show that the camera in the new flagship from Samsung succeeded.

If you want more of the same, but smaller, is Galaxy S10 6.1 inches.

The average cost in Russia:

  • Galaxy S10+ in «Yandex.Market» — 67 000 rubles
  • Galaxy S10+ in stores «the Messenger» — 76 990 rubles
  • Galaxy S10 in «Yandex.Market» — 58 000 rubles
  • Galaxy S10 in stores «the Messenger» — 68 990 rubles

Galaxy S10e

Sooner fans compact flagships on Android looked towards the Xperia Compact. Now their eye is on Galaxy S10e.

Than surprised? This is a very small flagship 5.8-inch edge-to-edge AMOLED-display in the upper right corner which made the cutout for the front camera. The dimensions of the device are 142,2×69,9×7.9 mm.

Unlike the S10 and S10+, the main camera module S10e lost telephoto. Also the usual smartphone fingerprint scanner on the right side, less display resolution (Full HD+ vs QuadHD+), battery, RAM and the like. Nevertheless, below and price.

The cost in Russia:

  • The average cost in «Yandex.Market» — 48 000 rubles
  • The cost for the network «Eldorado» — 56 990 rubles

Galaxy Note 9

Finish with the model number Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The smartphone remains relevant because his competitors simply do not.

Than surprised? In the hull Note 9 is equipped with a compartment for the updated stylus S Pen with Bluetooth module. With it you can create notes without having to unlock your smartphone, flipping the page in the browser and switch tracks by pressing a physical button on the stylus.

The rest is a «ceiling» with a steep AMOLED-display 6.4 inch, dual SIM, wireless charging, NFC and other «chips» that a modern flagship.

The cost in Russia:

  • The average cost in «Yandex.Market», from 48 000 rubles
  • The cost of Goods on the marketplace — from 59 390 rubles

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

The fans of big flagships and night photography you can look at the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Than surprised? Triple main camera module on 40+20+8 MP makes great pictures in any conditions, under 6,39-inch OLED display is a fingerprint scanner, and the «heart» of the smartphone is Kirin 980, which together with a battery of 4200 mAh achieves phenomenal autonomy: eight or more hours of screen with mixed use.

The cost in Russia:

  • The average cost in «Yandex.Market» — 58 000 rubles
  • The cost in stores «the Messenger» — 59 990 rubles

OnePlus 6T

Лучшие флагманы начала 2019 года. Какой выбрать?1

Very fast smartphone with an even current flagship Snapdragon processor 845 and almost «naked» Android with lightning shell OxygenOS. If you are looking for speed Pixel 3 cheaper and no problems with the marriage, then your search is over.

Than surprised? Apart from speed, you will definitely like 6,41-inch edge-to-edge AMOLED display with a keyhole and a built-in fingerprint scanner, as well as price.

The average cost in «Yandex.Market» — from 37 000 rubles

Xiaomi Mi 9

Another decent option when you select on a ratio the price/quality. Maybe MIUI 10, OxygenOS, and slightly inferior in speed, but in Mi 9 installed the most advanced Snapdragon 855.

Than surprised? Traditionally for a modern flagship on Android have the AMOLED display on 6.39 inches with cut straw and a built-in fingerprint scanner. Also there are three main camera module, which are very good for daytime shooting, as shown by our acquaintance with the device within the last MWC.

The cost Xiaomi Mi 9 Russia has not yet announced, but we already know that it promises to be «delicious.» For the Chinese market, the price tag is 2999 yuan (~29 400 rubles) for a younger model 6/128 GB.

Nokia 9 PureView

Лучшие флагманы начала 2019 года. Какой выбрать?2

If you have a little three major chambers, as in the same Galaxy S10+, note Nokia PureView with five main modules.

Than surprised? Main camera PureView Nokia 9 includes two color and three monochrome module for 12 MP. «Out of the box» smartphone shoots in RAW/DNG. And then of 5.99-inch IPS display (2880×1440, 18:9) without any cut-outs with built-in fingerprint scanner and Android, and Pie.

The cost of pre-order in Russia — 49 990 rubles.

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