Google will take over the gaming industry?

Google захватит игровую индустрию?

Search giant Google is famous for its Android operating system that is installed on most modern smartphones. Now the Corporation is preparing for a revolution in the world of video games.

What’s going on?

Tomorrow, 19 March, Google will hold its presentation at an international conference of video game developers Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

It is expected that the Corporation will show the world their vision of the future of video games in the form of their own streaming service (system that allows you to connect over the network to remote servers and to broadcast images from a video game on a low-power or portable device).

In 2018 the total revenues in the gaming industry reached 136 billion dollars, showing a trend of 15% growth next year.

Clearly, Google is determined to move from the leading position of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, who own both virtual and hardware play space.

Now to play a modern game, you need to get a games console or an expensive PC, then you will have to buy the game. The cloud concept requires subscription, a fixed fee for access to the entire library of games.

Probably the company got to grips with the streaming due to the implementation of programs Google Music and YouTube Premium, that will allow to create a Netflix in the world of video games. However, many politicians and industry analysts are expressing open skepticism.

Is that possible?

Yes, these ideas have tried to implement, and not one company. But at the end of last year in conjunction with the Studio Ubisoft launched the beta test Project Stream.

Then anyone could run Assassin’s Creed Odyssey right from your Chrome browser. This was a fairly ordinary netbook, Chromebook for example. The game was quietly broadcasted in FullHD resolution, at a frame rate of 60 FPS and without any delay in response while driving.

Google захватит игровую индустрию?1

Judging by recent patents, the company in the future, we will be able to see a separate controller Yeti, which will serve as a positioner and Communicator with Project Stream. A major role in the management of the staging process will take voice commands just like Google Now.

A second opinion

Despite the resolve and intermediate successes, analysts from IDC, the international research company in the field of information technology, suggests that Google does not have unique ideas about streaming games.

The report says that there have been several attempts to implement something similar and the most convincing example is the PlayStation. Sony managed to organize a library of 750 games with the PlayStation 2 and 3 and make it available for streaming on a fourth generation console and PC. The success of the project due to the existing base of games, which combined with the appropriate infrastructure.

Google захватит игровую индустрию?2

The next competitor to Google may be already operating GeForce Now which requires the user to the presence of a Mac or PC with integrated or discrete Nvidia graphics, and NVIDIA Shield console.

The service offers access to four hundred projects, but is still in beta mode. Apparently, even if on the receiving end of a decent iron, the implementation is not simple.

Analysts also walked through OnLive, similar ideology the site, which closed in 2015, having sold the assets to Sony. The culprit was the insufficient number of active subscribers, which made the business model unprofitable.

Patrick Murad, lead analyst at Moor Insights&Strategy, said Google would be extremely difficult to implement a decent streaming service. He referred to the average success of existing projects for the streaming of music and movies, noting that his expectations are not great.

However, the company’s intention as he considers reasonable. As it has a great ecosystem for developers, thanks to the successful realization of game projects based on Android. And it is logical that Google is ready to declare to the world that is serious about cloud gaming.

Key issues

The user must have a stable and high-speed Internet connection. For example, GeForce Now we can talk about speeds of around 50 Mbps And that’s only half the problem, because in the absence of at least some computing power on the client side, the entire work should take the server of the company providing acceptable response time to commands.

The main problem is the lack of Google any content database AAA-class. You can’t just invest in the infrastructure, forgetting about the content it will serve.

The process of creating video games has become not cheap and time consuming. And if the developers will not see prospects and find more favorable conditions on the side, Stream Project will become one of the most expensive failures.

Why now?

Last week, Microsoft demonstrated their vision for cloud gaming called xCloud. Though the product is clearly raw, it should be noted that the Corporation has many years of experience with the gaming community and developers.

Google захватит игровую индустрию?3

We can also add experience with implementing consoles and the existing subscription service Xbox Gold, on the basis of which can develop xCloud.

And if you believe the reports, The Information and The Verge, Amazon is also preparing to unveil its own streaming service. Doubt the available computing power is clearly not worth it, the company has experience in transmission to multiple users 4K HDR content, which is comparable to the load with cloud gaming.

All this leads to the fact that Google clearly does not want to jump into a train that had already left. And though according to the IDC forecast, the dawn streaming will occur in approximately 2021, it is already unfolding war for content publishers. And who will offer the best conditions of placement and monetization will become the leader in game streaming.


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