«Yandex» has temporarily suspended the ability to send invitations to «Aura»

«Яндекс» временно приостановил возможность рассылки приглашений в «Ауру»

March 15 «Yandex» has launched a closed beta of a social service of «Aura», which could be obtained by invitation. Evening of March 17 this opportunity was closed.

When you try to send the invitation, users see the following message:

Friends, thank you! We temporarily disabled the ability to invite friends. Soon, thanks to your feedback, we will improve the Aura and reopen invitations.

The date of the global launch of the service, the company said, and plans for its development.

«Яндекс» временно приостановил возможность рассылки приглашений в «Ауру»1

«Yandex.Aura» is part of the signature of the application «Yandex» for iOS and Android. The service can use the opportunity to meet, share posts with text and photos in communities, commenting and chatting.

Read more about the service can be read in our preliminary review.


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