The history of development and standard Wallpapers with all versions of macOS

История развития и стандартные обои со всех версий macOS

Not every one of us can remember what was the beginning of the famous desktop operating system from Apple. Anyone knows that before it can be installed on any computer?

Initially the System, namely the so-called OS, distributed as normal software and over the last 35 years has become a separate sheath for the corporate decisions of Apple. However, everything in order.


The idea of the creators of the software was to present the user with a command prompt instead of the GUI. More didn’t need to know dozens of commands to interact with the hardware, this was highlighted menus and virtual buttons.

The following 6 updates has allowed us to compile a familiar hierarchical file system, simultaneously giving «OSes» skills to work with peripheral devices and various hardware.

История развития и стандартные обои со всех версий macOS1

История развития и стандартные обои со всех версий macOS2

История развития и стандартные обои со всех версий macOS3

История развития и стандартные обои со всех версий macOS4

История развития и стандартные обои со всех версий macOS5

История развития и стандартные обои со всех версий macOS6

Only in the seventh version of a color interface. And in the eighth Apple refused free installation on any computer, from now on, it required a proprietary technique.

Mac OS 9

История развития и стандартные обои со всех версий macOS7

In essence it was a direct continuation of the System, but with a new name and the ability to store custom data in the system. In addition, the system learned to work with remote servers.

Mac OS X 10.0 Cheetah

Has done a great job, that is strongly evident when compared with the previous version. The system resembles a modern version of MacOS, with a translucent dobara and Windows, with three circles in the upper left corner.

История развития и стандартные обои со всех версий macOS8

The user interface named Aqua, and the system required an impressive harderner resources: approximately 125 MB of RAM and 800 MB of storage.

Mac OS X 10.1 Puma

Carried out work on the bugs with the aim to improve the performance of the shell. But journalists continued to criticize the system for latency and instability.

История развития и стандартные обои со всех версий macOS9

New app: ColorSync 4.0 and Image Capture. And the system was first predustanavlivat on new computers. Moreover, holders of 10.0 could upgrade to 10.1 absolutely for free.

Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar

This version introduces a number of system edits. In addition they first debuted the feature of universal access, designed to help people with disabilities to freely use a computer.

История развития и стандартные обои со всех версий macOS10

Of new applications we can note your address book and Inkwell. QuickTime has learned to play MPEG-4, and the famous logo Happy Mac has been replaced by a grey Apple.

Mac OS X 10.3 Panther

According to Apple, the update brought 150 new features. Of them is to provide a major upgrade to the Finder, who received a custom side menu, shortcuts, files and support for ZIP.

История развития и стандартные обои со всех версий macOS11

In addition, the system lost Internet Explorer, because the emphasis now placed on branding solution Safari. And Expose the system for the first time made it possible to move the interfering window outside the screen.

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger

Now is present in the system familiar to users of Mac Spotlight. Smart search is able to find a contact in your address book, you need a document on disk or the entry in the calendar.

История развития и стандартные обои со всех версий macOS12

The second important innovation can be considered a separate page with a variety of Dashboard widgets. At the start, was available weather, clock, calculator and calendar.

Not without software optimization. A new API was responsible for graphics and use the graphics card, whereby the loading and rendering system was faster.

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

The system contained a lot of graphic changes, including an updated rendering of dockbar and Windows. Important software update is to consider the appearance of the mechanism of creation of Time Machine backups.

История развития и стандартные обои со всех версий macOS13

In version 10.5 was first built utility Boot Camp allows you to install third-party operating systems in separate partitions and use them in parallel with the main Mac OS.

The system contained numerous innovations for security, including two network screen and a separate guest mode.

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

To view any graphical changes, but not many know that most of the applications have been completely rewritten. Blame the transition to Intel processes and the introduction of OpenCL, a technology that allowed applications to use the graphics card.

История развития и стандартные обои со всех версий macOS14

Along with the increased performance, users received the app store, the Mac App Store, updates to Safari and multi-touch gestures for the new MacBook touchpads.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

The king of the beasts spread across the network and is not produced on physical media. Apple introduced 250 innovations, many of which are subtle.

История развития и стандартные обои со всех версий macOS15

Of the major are the appearance of FaceTime and iCloud release. In the system appeared first on Launchpad and appropriate gestures ambiguity. The address book is beginning to remind of itself on your iPad and search in the Finder learned to work with multiple criteria. By the way, in this version of the Mac began to support Emoji.

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

The latest version with the cat’s name became a bestseller. Was a lot of work on optimization of the system behavior. In addition, added the notification center, the new malware protection, there was separate apps for notes and reminders.

История развития и стандартные обои со всех версий macOS16

renamed iChat to iMessage and due to the advanced integration with iCloud was pulled up all the posts with iPhone and iPad.

On the Mac became available with Game Center, but at the time of launch of the supported games were chess, for which Apple received a barrage of criticism.

Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Starting with this version, the names of the updates are taken from the names of various places in California, home to Apple of the US state. As a new name, from now on, updates are completely free.

История развития и стандартные обои со всех версий macOS17

If we talk about changes, the first thing worth noting is the increased battery life of laptops, and less heat is transferred to desktop computers. A mechanism of optimizing the use of RAM by freezing the inactive background processes.

Users have access to the «keychain», which is synchronized with all devices. And the notification center had the opportunity of response to push notifications.

Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite

New flat design went through the entire system and there is not one area, which would not be redrawn in the spirit of iOS 7.

The main software feature is Handoff. A set of functions allowing to start the work on iPhone/iPad and finish it on your Mac. Even voice calls quietly transferred to a computer, allowing you to leave the phone on charging and without the need to touch him.

Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan

First and foremost is the Express version of Yosemite. Open PDF, the assurances of Apple, is 4 times faster. But for faster rendering graphics meets new Metal API. By the way, the graphics memory can now be allocated not 1024, and 1536 MB.

Software features are almost there, except that the new window management system, able to cover the whole screen with the required number of applications. It is worth noting that earlier the same successfully engaged a third-party application.

macOS 10.12 Sierra

Now desktop OS has solved the space in the name. In addition, users get voice assistant Siri and the ability to use Apple Pay.

Built-in player has mode «picture in Picture», and the whole system has learned to go to warm colors for a more comfortable perception at night. Complete the list of important innovations universal clipboard for all user devices and the ability to unlock the Mac with your Apple Watch.

macOS 10.13 High Sierra

The name of the new version is not just comparable with the previous one. Because it is a clear addition and correction of mistakes.

As novelties we will note a new file system APFS, which is the default is HFS Plus, and the new graphics API Metal 2.

Thanks to this system began to work faster. Someone it was enough but some users did not miss the chance to accuse Apple of lack of innovation.

macOS 10.14 Mojave

Many expected a complete fusion of the mobile operating system from desktop. But nothing of the sort happened. Instead, the new version has learned to work with 32-bit applications. Now the process of porting programs from iOS to macOS and back is quite simple.

In confirmation of the above can result in the emergence of the Apple computers mobile applications, «Stock», «news», «House» and «Recorder».

Important external upgrade becomes a dark theme, it removes all light from the system. However, for some reason at the time of release Safari left white.

Download stock Wallpapers from Mac OS X 10.2/macOS 10.14


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