70 thousands of accounts Telegram removed. Messenger reports that it was a mistake

70 тысяч аккаунтов Telegram удалены. Мессенджер сообщает, что это ошибка

The Twitter account Telegram Messenger has a record, from which it follows that these 70 thousand users messenger removed. Representatives of the company comfort: it is temporary.

Up to 70 of thousands of users temporarily unable to see my account deleted because of server error. Data is not lost, all will be well soon.

The responses to the tweet users report that managed to create the account again with the same attached phone number. Support says that it’s fixable: after correcting the error will require a re-login in profile.

Update (16.03 17:40 GMT): Telegram announced the fix to the problem.

In mid-March, Telegram experienced a great influx of new users per day in the messenger created 3 million new accounts. It is associated with massive disruptions in Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.



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