Samsung is developing a smartphone with a camera under the display

Samsung разрабатывает смартфон с камерами под дисплеем

Samsung has announced that it will seek to place the camera in the smartphone for the «perfect full-screen» devices. About it told the Vice-President of the South Korean company in mobile communications, Jan Ben-Duk.

According to the manufacturer, the first step to the unit without frames has become a design Infinity-O, which got Galaxy line S10. Now it uses a cutout for the front camera, but in the future the display will forfeit any «holes».

The hole in the display [like the Galaxy S10] not one of the options of design, but is a significant achievement to create a full-screen smartphone.

Head hopes that the first displays with the ability to hide the camera under the display will appear by 2020. The technology will allow not only to create a «full screen experience», but won’t prevent the developers to continue working on selfie cameras for future devices: under the display, they will not lose the picture quality.

Yang also said that the company is considering the development of OLED display, Crystal Sound, which replaces the usual dynamics. A similar technology is used by LG in their latest smartphone G8 ThinQ.

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