Twitter is preparing a redesign and new features

Twitter готовит редизайн и новые функции

Twitter in the coming weeks to launch the beta testing of the new design display tweets. In addition, the company is preparing a number of new features, the launch date of which has not yet reported.

The new design will affect the answers — now they will be displayed indented, with rounded corners and flowers, depending on, you signed on to meet or not.

Twitter готовит редизайн и новые функции1
New design
Twitter готовит редизайн и новые функции2

Another innovation will add status display online, as in Instagram. In the settings you can adjust to display the status or not.

Twitter готовит редизайн и новые функции3
To display the status

The third function is the topic of conversation. It will be possible to fix in the profile, if you cite a show or event such as CES.

Twitter готовит редизайн и новые функции4
Pinned topic

All functions are intended to stimulate communication between users in the social network.

An application to test a new design the company will adopt in the near future. The development time of other features not yet reported.


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