Compact sauna for your dog for $ 660

Компактная сауна для вашей собаки за 660 долларов

A Korean company, Pepe found a way to quickly and effectively dry your wet dog or a cat. 2019 at CES they introduced a dryer for animals.

Size slightly bigger than a mini-fridge, it can dry the wet little dog in 25 minutes. Enough to put a pet inside, close the door and set the required temperature. In slowly circulates warm air.

Pepe representatives claim that the majority of the dogs during the procedure sleep. On account of the behavior of cats did not specify.

Компактная сауна для вашей собаки за 660 долларов1
Photo: CNET

Pepe Pet Dryer is $ 660 (~44 400 rubles) and sold only in Korea, China and Singapore.


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