The trailer of the interactive movie «Black mirror: the Jabberwocky»

In early December, the network has flowed a schedule of future Prime streaming service Netflix, which was listed as a special episode of «Black mirror». They found the interactive feature film «Jabberwocky».

The story of a programmer with a mental disorder. The hero, inspired by the book of some of Jerome F. Davis, decides to create a video game based on the fantasy novel. Gradually the line between reality and fiction begins to fade.

Starring Finn Whitehead («Dunkirk»), will poulter («Detroit») and Azeem Chaudhry (TV’s «Lucky»). In the Director’s chair is David Slade, who previously worked on the fifth episode of the fourth season of the series. In total for the project was filmed over five hours of material

The media previously reported that in «Jabberwocky» the viewer will be able to influence the development of plot and selecting actions of the protagonists.

Netflix users can watch the picture from December 28.


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