LG will show a TV, Curling into a tube

LG покажет телевизор, скручивающийся в трубочку

Two years ago during CES 2016 LG has revealed an 18-inch OLED display, able to curl into a tube. This year at CES 2018, the company will bring advanced prototype collapsible screen: 65-inch OLED panel with a resolution of 4K, which is curled inside the special booth.

LG покажет телевизор, скручивающийся в трубочку1

In addition to flexible TV at CES 2018 LG will present a new model of robot carriers, a number of speakers and audio systems, an updated generation of smart TVs, with a bright 4K projector and OLED-display with a diagonal of 88 inches.

The Verge


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