iPhone XR — best-selling iPhone Nov

iPhone XR — самый продаваемый iPhone ноября

Company Consumer Intelligence Research Partners published a report on iPhone sales in the US in November 2018. It turned out that iPhone XR was the most popular among buyers.

Last month, the share of «budget» novelties of Apple in total sales was 32 percent. The more expensive iPhone XS and XS Max scored a total of 35 percent. For comparison, in 2017, the first month of sales of iPhone X made up 30%, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus 39 per cent in the United States.

iPhone XR — самый продаваемый iPhone ноября1

82 percent bought the iPhone in the U.S. in November has updated the old Apple smartphone, and 16 percent switched from Android.

iPhone XR is officially from 64 990 rubles, iPhone XS — from 87 990 rubles, and XS Max — 96 990 rubles.


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