iPhone X became part of a homemade system motion capture

YouTube channel Studio Kite & Lightning involved in developing VR games Bebylon: Battle Royale, posted a video with a demonstration of an improvised system for motion capture.

Video Studio co-founder Corey Strasburger demonstrates the capabilities of the camera TrueDepth X iPhone to capture the faces, while the movement of the body monitors the finished costume production Xsens.

iPhone X стал частью самодельной системы захвата движений0

To free his hands for the duration of the motion capture, Corey made a helmet mount for smartphone. On the back of the helmet secured the second smartphone to record audio and video screen iPhone X, which displays the raw facial animation. The result of processing the collected data can be seen in the left part of the screen, where one of the characters in the upcoming game.

iPhone X стал частью самодельной системы захвата движений1

Bebylon: Battle Royale is a multiplayer game for virtual reality helmets HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. In it, the player in the role of the babies will fight with each other in closed arenas, driving futuristic machines equipped healthy fists. Kite & Lightning plan to use motion capture to make the characters of the game «alive». Release Bebylon: Battle Royale is scheduled for this year.

Camera TrueDepth creates a three-dimensional map of the face, which identify a user when unlocking the device. However, technology is used for animaze, repeating facial expressions of the person, and the creation of self in virtual reality.

Kite & Lightning


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