B&O has increased the autonomy of the wireless headphones up to 30 hours

B&O повысила автономность беспроводных наушников до 30 часов

The Danish company Bang & Olufsen at CES 2018 has announced a new color for wireless ear E8 and presented the updated model of wireless headphones H9 and H8, which have received the suffix i.

Changes in and H8i H9i:

  • The enhanced sound quality.
  • Improved noise reduction technology in the human voice range of 300-800 Hz.
  • Added «transparent» mode when you turn off noise reduction and stops music playback, so the user can hear surrounding sounds
  • Headphones have learned to stop playing music when they are removed from the head.
  • Now to charge the headset uses port of Type-C.

B&O повысила автономность беспроводных наушников до 30 часов1
Bang & Olufsen H9i

In addition, improvements were made to the runtime:

  • Removable battery H9i on 770 mAh enough for 18 hours of continuous playback.
  • Removable battery H8i 1100 mAh battery provides 30 hours of music listening.

B&O повысила автономность беспроводных наушников до 30 часов2
Bang & Olufsen H8i

In addition to the batteries, and H8i H9i distinguish size and form factor: the ninth model and its full size ear pads cover the ears of the user, while a little more than the eighth model is representative of a surface-mounted type.

On sale H8i H9i and will arrive on 25 January at a price of $ 500 (~28 500 rubles) for the senior model and $ 400 (~22 800 rubles) for younger.

B&O повысила автономность беспроводных наушников до 30 часов3
Bang & Olufsen E8

The company also announced new colors for a completely wireless in-ear headphones E8. In February of this year the sale will be a limited version headphone fully black or fully white. They will be worth the same $ 300 (~17 100) as the normal version.


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