Xiaomi has released a hot pot for food lovers

Xiaomi выпустила хот-пот для любителей готовки

In Chinese stores Xiaomi is a brand of hot pot, deep pan, combined with an electric stove.

Device with capacity of 4 liters equipped with a U-shaped heating element distributes heat evenly over the surface of the pan. The temperature is regulated in the range from 38° to 210° C. Maximum power — 1500 watts.

Xiaomi выпустила хот-пот для любителей готовки1

Hot pot is designed for cooking dishes of various complexity, and protected from water ingress and short circuits. Wooden handles do not heat up, the set also includes a glass cover.

Xiaomi выпустила хот-пот для любителей готовки2

The cost of the device is 239 yuan (~2200 rubles).


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