Twitter, Pornhub and Gfycat against «replacement persons» in pornographic videos

Twitter, Pornhub и Gfycat против «замены лиц» в порнографических роликах

Services Pornhub, Twitter and Gfycat remove the content produced with the help of a program Deepfakes. Utility that uses machine learning to replace those in materials with pornographic content to any other person. But, as a rule, used the faces of celebrities.

Twitter, Pornhub и Gfycat против «замены лиц» в порнографических роликах1

The last of the aforementioned services to remove videos that use the technology, «change makers,» started Twitter. According to the rules of the social network, it is prohibited to spread pornographic content without the consent of the subjects participating in it. Celebrities whose faces fell into the hands of Deepfakes clearly did not give consent. Because the accounts spreading these videos will be blocked.


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