Trailers of the week. 29 Jan-3 Feb

Трейлеры недели. 29 января-3 февраля

2 February on Netflix, the release of the sci-Fi series «a Modified carbon». On IMDB set 8.7 out of 10 points, but Western media do you evaluate the show in a positive way. Obviously worth a look.

In the meantime, we picked up eight of the most interesting trailers this week, so you haven’t missed anything.


Four women — a psychologist, a biologist, a surveyor and an anthropologist travel to the exclusion zone X, to unlock the secrets of the place from which few returned. In film on February 22.

«Ant-man and Wasp»

Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly and Michael Douglas return to fight the evil. Now ant-Man is the assistant of OSA. Premiere on 5 July.


New from Netflix and Duncan Jones, the Creator of the film «Moon 2112», «Source code» and «Warcraft». The action takes place in future Berlin, a mute bartender (Alexander Skarsgard) searches for the missing wife. Release on February 23.

«Not yourself»

The first film shot on iPhone. Director Steven Soderbergh, who gave us «ocean’s eleven» and «Knickerbocker Hospital». In the story the main character finds himself in a psychiatric hospital. In the cinema in March 23.


Ronnie (Rachel Weisz) after the death of his father, Rabbi returns from new York to London, where he meets his former love esti (Rachel McAdams). Heroines once again overcome with feelings despite being married last. Worldwide the movie has already shown, in 2017, we will see the release on digital media.

«Castle Rock»

The second trailer of the series from Hulu, which will gather all the main characters of the books of Stephen king. Premiere in the summer.


Biopic about Russian writer Sergei Dovlatov. The film covers only a few days of November 1971, the year before emigration. The film is not only about Dovlatov, but also about the people around him. Premiere March 1.

«When we met»

After a night spent with the dream girl, on Nov tagged «best friend». In order to correct the situation, he goes back in time, repeating that same night. Netflix will be available on 9 February.


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