The Telegram said that such Telegram X and why you need it

Telegram рассказал, что такое Telegram X и зачем он нужен

Telegram in the official blog published the first information about the second client of Telegram X. Skeptics who were not sure about its official status, now calm down.

Competition is the soul of progress, according to the company. For several years, the Telegram has acquired a large number of new features that other messengers just can’t compete with the services of Pavel Durov. It was therefore arranged an internal competition between development teams, which resulted in a second client of Telegram X.

Telegram X is a new application written from scratch with no legacy code that have accumulated in the old customers for several years. It was created with a focus on speed, ease of use, design and animation. Telegram X in the future can replace the original client.

«This is an experimental app may ultimately replace the existing official client. But even if that happens, it will accelerate the development of the Telegram, allowing us to quickly test new approaches and technologies», — says in the Telegram blog.

It is worth noting that in the publication only refers to Telegram X Android and its new features. However, this does not mean that the version for iOS is the official client of the messenger — all the principles of Telegram X to the saved: the new application code, speed and animations.

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