The new trailer for «Deadpool 2». Meet cable!

In the new trailer for «Deadpool 2» 20th Century Fox introduced viewers to the cable main antagonist of the upcoming superhero action movie.

Cable — hero of the Marvel comics universe with telekinetic powers, chastened by the need to combat Technologichesky virus that Apocalypse had infected cable in childhood. Precisely because of the virus some parts of the body of the hero resemble robotic limbs, gives him some additional abilities. For example, a robotic eye that could see in the infrared spectrum.

In the second picture about the adventures of Deadpool, cable will be performed by Josh Brolin («Men in black 3»). The film was directed David Litch, who directed the first part of «John Wick» and «the Explosive blonde». Premiere of «Deadpool 2» in Russia is scheduled for may 17 this year.


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