The flamethrower from Elon musk for $ 600

Огнемёт от Илона Маска за 600 долларов

A new initiative of the Director General of Tesla and SpaceX Elon musk company with the speaker called «The Boring Company» — opens pre-orders for the brand flamethrowers.

Boring Company emerged after Musk complained in the Twitter on the tube and decided to create a company engaged in the drilling of tunnels. He then presented a site in which there was no information on the activities of the company, but sold branded caps for $ 20. Sales went so well that Musk has promised to release brand flamethrowers, if they sell 50 000 caps. On the achievement of the goal went just a couple of weeks.

Now the site has a page with a password. One user announced on his Twitter account that he entered the password «Flame» and saw the pre-order page of the new flamethrowers for $ 600. «It’s a prototype. The final product will be even better,» — said on the website. Now the password has changed.

However, The Company is engaged in Boring and serious things. The company has purchased a drill machine that you intend to improve, and started to dig the first tunnels.


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