Scene trailer and release date God of War

Sony has posted a trailer of the upcoming exclusive for the Playstation 4 — God of War. The video reveals the release date — April 20 — and some details about the game’s story.

In the digital store Playstation Store is already open for pre-order at a price of 3999 rubles. For making pre-order customers will receive three games of the shield: «Fist-shield horn», «Decendent», «Shining elven shield of the soul».

God of War — game of the eighth series of the same name, the story is built around Kratos, a former Spartan, who took the place of the God of war. «Cutting out» all the gods of Olympus, the hero was briefly buried the hatchet and plunged into family life. However, a dark past isn’t done with Kratos and now threatens his son.


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