Nintendo introduced cardboard toys for Switch

Nintendo представила картонные игрушки для Switch

Nintendo has provided an interactive platform Nintendo Labo, which players will be able to collect new accessories for gaming on the console Switch.

Users will be able to create out of cardboard, yarn and small parts accessories like rods, machinery, a piano or even a full exoskeleton. Scissors, glue, Scotch tape — nothing is required, everything you need is in the kit. Themselves accessories called Toy-Con, since the work with them is carried out directly through controllers Joy-Con.

Nintendo представила картонные игрушки для Switch1

For example, in the assembled piano in the back is inserted into one of the controllers, built-in camera which detects key presses due to the fact that they are marked with different colors. The information is then transmitted to a tablet and that plays the sound.

Release date in Russia — April 27. Kit robot costume will cost $ 80 (~4600 rubles) set with all accessories — $ 70 (~4000 rubles). In addition to the materials, there will include step-by-step Assembly instructions and installation as well as software. Separately for $ 10 (~600 rubles) you can purchase stickers, stencils, and ribbon to personalize your gaming equipment.



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