New service «Yandex.Food» will bring together Foodfox and UberEats

Новый сервис «Яндекс.Еда» объединит Foodfox и UberEats

As reported by Interfax, Yandex plans to unify the food delivery services Foodfox and UberEats in a single company «Yandex.Food.»

The merger will occur on the basis of «Yandex.Taxi», which in December last year bought the Foodfox, presumably, over 500 million rubles. In addition, in July, the company was in talks with Uber. As a result it was concluded the partnership on the transition to a single technology platform. Thus, the taxis and drivers in some services are now shared.

On the basis of the agreements, Yandex plans to launch a single delivery service «Yandex.Food» as a child of the company «Yandex.Taxi», thus making competition Group — the owner of the largest services Delivery Club and ZakaZaka.

The UberEats service was launched in Moscow in February of last year, at the moment it is connected to more than one hundred restaurants. Foodfox started earlier — in March 2016 and has base in over 2000 restaurants.



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