MIUI 10 or X will present later this year

MIUI 10 или X представят позже в этом году

Xiaomi began developing the tenth version of its proprietary shell MIUI. This was during the live broadcast of Mi Live was announced by the Vice-President of the software division MIUI Juan Langzhong. The number of the next build can be written not in Arabic numerals (10 MIUI), and Roman (MIUI X).

MIUI 10 или X представят позже в этом году1

In the announcement of MIUI 10 there is nothing unexpected, the stable version of MIUI 9 already supports more than 27 units of the company and this is enough to proceed to the next development. In the near future, according to the Vice-President, kicks off the third wave mailing update 9 MIUI for smartphones.

In a previous interview, Xiaomi has hinted that MIUI 10 will focus on artificial intelligence.



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