Marvel will release a comic book based on «Star wars: the Last Jedi»

Marvel выпустит комиксы по мотивам «Звёздных войн: Последние джедаи»

«Star wars: the Last Jedi» will form the basis of a series of comic books, which talk in more detail about the characters and scenes, not included in the film. Screenwriter of «the Outcast one. Star wars: the Story» and the animated series «Star wars Rebels» Harry Witt has already started writing the comic.

The promise of all six issues, the first of which will be on sale may 2. Artist Michael Walsh on his page on Instagram said that prepares a new stage, lets look at the plot of the movie with a new perspective.

Marvel выпустит комиксы по мотивам «Звёздных войн: Последние джедаи»1

May chosen because 24 of us waiting for a solo film about Han Solo, which was attended Alden Ehrenreich, Emilia Clarke, Paul Bettany and woody Harrelson.

Hollywood Reporter


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