Journalists on HomePod: best sound in class, but Siri all the spoils

Журналисты о HomePod: лучший звук в классе, но Siri всё портит

We have already collected the main information that you need to know before buying speakers Apple HomePod. The novelty will go on sale February 9 in the US, UK and Australia.

Today, February 6, eased the embargo, published the first reviews and impressions of the device. Rozetked has chosen important.

The main points of all reviews:

  • Great design;
  • The best sound in its price segment;
  • Scarce smart functions;
  • Still silly Siri;
  • Linking to the Apple ecosystem;
  • HomePod does not work with Android devices.

Browser The Verge Nilai Patel praised the good sound: «HomePod from obviously sounds better than any other speaker». He was able to communicate with the engineer who worked on the HomePod, which told the details of operation of the device. After which, the journalist concluded that «the column is much more difficult than you might imagine.» Patel, speaking about automatic intelligent optimized sound for a specific room, stressed that «Handling adds nothing to the music. She cleans the room.» He was amazed that the column need only 10 seconds to adjust the sound.

Журналисты о HomePod: лучший звук в классе, но Siri всё портит1

The journalist noted the stupidity of Siri, saying: «she can’t compete with Amazon and Google Alexa Assistant». In addition, the HomePod is not able to recognize different voices, so anyone can ask Siri to read your messages. He noted, however, that the recognition of the command «Hey Siri» works fine, thanks to six microphones.

Patel I agree with Brian Chen of the New York Times, who called my review «do Not buy». He compared the HomePod from Amazon Echo and Google Home 14 tasks, evaluating each on a scale from 0 to 4: 0 — the task cannot be performed, 2 — the task is executed, but with some difficulty 4 — a task done perfectly. In this competition HomePod took the third place with 2.9 points, Google Home scored 3.1 points, while the Amazon Echo is 3.4.

Журналисты о HomePod: лучший звук в классе, но Siri всё портит2

Siri and Apple Music for a week of use did not take into account music preferences and recommended artists did not like Chen. Column may not appeal to third-party applications via voice commands, like Uber or Calendar. But the journalist liked the quick and easy setup of devices of the smart home with HomeKit support.

Megan Wollerton from CNET complained that the calls have to manually translate from the iPhone because Siri is not able to accept them: «Siri is still behind Alexa and Google Assistant». However, the sound was highly appreciated: «speakers HomePod gives the sound level is great.» Wollerton concluded that for those looking for good sound should think about HomePod, but those looking for a competitor Amazon Alexa only wish the best.»

Журналисты о HomePod: лучший звук в классе, но Siri всё портит3

Matthew Panzarella in a note to TechCrunch said that the HomePod «the best sounding smart speaker for all time.» It is easy column advises users of Apple Music who want the best sound.

The journalist of The Wall Street Journal Joanna stern said HomePod has a «killer voice», but device «need to work on the brain.» Stern in one of the tests put the speaker on the stage of the theatre seats 400 people and could perfectly hear the music from the last row. Google Home Max for $ 400 (HomePod worth $ 350) sounded louder, but at maximum volume begin to distort the sound. The microphones are no longer able to discern voice commands in contrast to the HomePod. But, as in other reviews, the journalist was disappointed in the functions of the assistant Siri, summarizing: «If you need a clever little speaker, then it HomePod] he is not. But if you put the music above all else, the HomePod is not a stupid choice.»

Журналисты о HomePod: лучший звук в классе, но Siri всё портит4

Jim Darkyine of The Loop, comparing the HomePod with Sonos One, Max Google and Amazon Echo, said that listening to the other speakers on the background of Apple devices was «just ridiculous». «It’s hard to explain the sound of the HomePod, but you get a feeling like the sound envelops you,» he said. «There is a sense that this is as a composer and producer wanted their song was heard when they were recording».

Журналисты о HomePod: лучший звук в классе, но Siri всё портит5

Nicole Nguyen from Buzzfeed embarrassed that Siri doesn’t recognize the command «I don’t like it,» while the team «I don’t like this song» was adopted.

David Phelan, who wrote for The Independent, on the contrary said that the smart functions HomePod enough, and the sound leaves competitors behind.

Журналисты о HomePod: лучший звук в классе, но Siri всё портит6

Also the Explorer was very impressed by first setting the column: «This is blissfully simple, better than on competing smart speakers and, frankly, most consumer electronics as a whole.» Phelan ease of use compared HomePod with headphones AirPods.

In the case of Russia, problems with poor smart functionality HomePod is not so relevant. Google Assistant is still not working in Russian, and Amazon Alexa is generally not on the market. For the most part the people of Russia and the CIS the Apple should be viewed as just a small and stylish speaker to the sound.


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