In Toyota cars appeared CarPlay

В автомобилях Toyota появился CarPlay

In the framework of the North American international auto show NAIAS 2018 Japanese carmaker Toyota introduced the fifth-generation Avalon sedan and concurrently the first car with Apple CarPlay. Connect mobile devices carried by wire, and the management interface through a built — in 9-inch touchscreen display.

В автомобилях Toyota появился CarPlay1

In addition, the automaker has promised to introduce CarPlay in models of Toyota and Lexus 2019 with multimedia system Entune 3.0 and 2.0, respectively. As soon as the range Toyota will be supporting Android Auto, it isn’t reported.

В автомобилях Toyota появился CarPlay2

The CarPlay system allow you to safely use some of the features of iPhone while driving. Among them are: listening to music, browsing, sending messages and making calls. Technology supports all iPhone models, starting with the 5/ 5C.



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