In Facebook invented a new unit of time

В Facebook изобрели новую единицу времени

Facebook in the face of Oculus VR unit announced the establishment of a new unit of time Flick, designed to facilitate the work with video and audio formats.

According to the description on GitHub, it is equal to 1/705 600,000 seconds, which is little more than a nano second— 1/1 000 000 000 seconds. The mission of the new unit is to simplify working with measurement frequency and frames used in encoding audio and video files. This is achieved due to the fact that this number as the divisor allows to achieve the whole result of the computation.

For example, take a typical format for a film speed of 24 frames per second. If you count 1/24 of a second, you get 0,041(6) then there are an infinite number. However, if you divide 1/24 by the number of flick, you get a long, but a figure 29 400 000 flick.

The same result is obtained if we calculate the sampling rate, the frame rate in Hertz and the like.

More details about the project is available on GitHub, it is available for download and use.


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