«Greatest showman» is a movie for hopeless romantics

«Величайший шоумен» — кино для безнадёжных романтиков

Failed to start time in Russia was chosen by the creators of the film «the Greatest showman» — at the same time it was showing «upward Movement» which began early and ended much later.

I accidentally got to watch the last day of the show in Vladimir, and did not expect anything from the movie trailer are not particularly inspired. Without reading opinions, reviews or anything, the session was surprised from the first minute — is this a musical!?

The idea and main characters

This is partly a biography of the famous nineteenth-century showman Phineas Taylor Barnum the. The writers took the name, and some facts and the idea of turning the history of the circus in the beautiful fairy tale.

The plot revolves around Phineas Barnum (Hugh Jackman), the son of a tailor, who from childhood is in love with a girl from a rich family charity (Michelle Williams). The first third of the film devoted to the love the two characters, their family, and two daughters. Studio apartment, requiring repair and clothes drying on the roof — not the life that Barnum wanted for their loved ones.

As often happens, life itself gives us a reason for action. The closing of the company and the dismissal of pushing Barnum at risk to take a loan and buy a wax Museum.

«Величайший шоумен» — кино для безнадёжных романтиков1
Frame from the movie. Family first sees the Museum

The Museum grew in consequence to the circus later Phineas brings success and recognition. Talent Barnum is not so much in organization as in a vision, a talent he selects the team, he’ll come up with stories of heroes and he takes part in the show. Hugh Jackman is a perfect fit for the role, because he started his career with musicals.

To Woo high society, he entices the rich to themselves dissatisfied with life Phillip Carlisle (Zac Efron) who becomes a partner, performs in the show and «knocks out» the cast meet the Queen of England. Zac Efron is another actor who started with the youth musicals and until then he had bad luck with roles.

Participation in the film and took Mary Jane from restarting Spider-Man, Sandea. And if the Marvel movie we have not noticed her special talent, then here it showed itself in all its glory.

At the reception, in England, the heroes meet the Swedish singer Jenny Lind, whose role performed by Rebecca Ferguson, known for «Mission: impossible rogue nation». She’s the only one in the film is not singing itself, to emphasize the Majesty of his person, and unlike all the others. So Barnum is inspired by her singing, that loses any humanity, not thinking about the loved ones humiliating and treating the participants of his show. He is committed to universal love, throws everything on the line, forgetting about the main thing:

«No need to be loved by the whole world. Quite a few loved ones,» the charity Barnum

As in all good movies, the protagonist will come to their senses and understand for whom all this was started and to whom he owes everything. At the end of the film we see a new show in the tent, which in our time is considered an attribute of all traveling shows.

«Величайший шоумен» — кино для безнадёжных романтиков2

«The greatest showman» — debut Director Michael Gracey, and judging by the evaluations, the start of a solid five.

The scenery and atmosphere

History about the circus and I think many expect to see the appropriate numbers, but the film is not about that. Great set here, basically, dancing. Something like a circus show there, but only partially. All the stunts were performed, the actors themselves, it is obvious that for this reason risk did not.

«Величайший шоумен» — кино для безнадёжных романтиков3

But dance smartly delivered. Even on YouTube there are videos with instruction if you want to learn to dance as well. And, most importantly, all performed by the same actors who play, dance and sing master of all trades.

«Величайший шоумен» — кино для безнадёжных романтиков4

Despite the abundance of computer graphics, the authors managed to capture a bit of the atmosphere of America at that time. Even the circus itself is almost like a real one.


It’s a musical, and then focus their attention to the songs. After a fabulous success of «La La land», the bar for this genre seriously rose, but to compare these two film — error.

Here songs about emotions and about the actions to which they call. Do not forget, of course, about the famous American tolerance that permeated everything. For example, the song This is me («I») and shouts that people were not afraid to be who they want to be. Not coincidentally, this song received the «Golden globe» and nominated for «Oscar» this year. But you just watch the video with the voice of the film and specifically the performance of this song — emotion such that even Hugh could not resist.

Actually every song in the film not by chance, and only one name you can guess its basic idea:

  • A Million Dreams — dream and your dreams will become a reality.
  • Come Alive — Wake up, show yourself, light up this world!
  • The Other Side — take a risk, otherwise pohranice in the routine of everyday life. Or as said the hero of the film — «Comfort is the worst enemy of progress».
  • From Now On — «when I see you here, I understand for the sake of whom all this was started»

We should also tell about the song of the Swedish Nightingale Jenny Lind (Rebecca Ferguson). The name of the song — Never Enough («Never enough»). And there is also a hint — the man is never enough, always need more than we have now. Excerpt posted one of the first.

But a greater amount of emotion for every song, cause after watching the movie. And most importantly — you will remember any of them and you will be humming afterwards.

A special thank you is to say for the rejection of the localization of the songs will have to read the subtitles if I know English is bad, but it’s great, with songs in Russian it would be not the same.

I wanted to say

The film «the Greatest showman,» first of all, about love. For the love of self, family, others and the desire to achieve their goals and dreams. Unfortunately, such films in the American film industry every year less and less, because action, fantasy and Comedy bring more money. And the audience for such is more likely. Although with a budget of 84 million dollars, the film grossed over 232 million.

Watch this movie you need with family or my girlfriend. For me the obvious rating of the film while watching was the reaction of the audience — the first time I heard the crunch of chips, no talking, nothing usually happens. Everyone was holding back tears or trying to seem strong and not to cry, because these emotions cause the film.

If you want to know the real life story of Taylor Barnum, the «Wikipedia» will tell. Better not to spoil your pre-impressions and first look of the film. Digital its promise March 7 (to have something to watch during the holidays).


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