Google is developing Chrome OS for tablets

Google разрабатывает Chrome OS для планшетов

Still operating system Chrome OS from Google was available only for laptops and desktops, but according to the latest data, we will soon see a version for tablets.

Resource Chrome Unboxed noticed a tweet by one of the participants of the International specialized exhibition Bett Show in 2018, taking place in London. In the message Alistair pine published a photo of the tablet Acer with a pre-installed operating system Chrome. Like all devices with Chrome OS, the tablet is likely to be focused on students. Shortly after the publication of the news itself, the tweet was deleted, but the photo remained.

Google разрабатывает Chrome OS для планшетов1
Tablet Acer with Chrome OS

Will be interesting to see similar devices from major brands. The main difference of this OS. from Android more convenient work with documents. Like we’ve seen in the Remix OS. Moreover, more recently, Chrome OS supports apps with Android, making it something of a cross between Android and Windows.

Google разрабатывает Chrome OS для планшетов2
Chrome OS on Google Pixelbook

If Google is indeed planning to release a tablet with Chrome OS, the first devices expect at the MWC 2018 at the end of February.

Chrome Unboxed


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