Google I/O 2018 will be held from 8 to 10 may in California

Google I/O 2018 пройдёт с 8 по 10 мая в Калифорнии

This year, the conference for developers Google I/O will be held from 8 to may 10 in mountain view, California. Like last year, Google revealed the date via the online puzzle game where using the street view and prompts you one step closer to the main stage.

In the course of the quest, many users have noticed the hint to the announcement of the new version of Android. According to rumors, the ninth version will be named in honor of pineapple cake (pineapple cake) — Android P.

Google I/O 2018 пройдёт с 8 по 10 мая в Калифорнии1
A hint of Android P

During last year’s event, was presented the Oreo Android, Google now, Google photos, and VR-helmet Daydream. This time, in addition to new versions of Android, waiting for the official release of the Russian Google Assistant and maybe the start of sales of domestic assistants in Russia.

Google I/O


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