First look at the Meizu M6s: public sector that stood out

Первый взгляд на Meizu M6s: бюджетник, который выделился

«New year, new life», — with such words the Meizu beginning in 2018, presenting 17 Jan budget-M6s. Outwardly, not many changes, but each deserves attention.

The first full screen

Meizu M6s retained the same compact size as the previous model, but the display has grown to 5.7 inch c aspect ratio 18:9. The screen resolution-HD+ (1440×720) is 282 pixels per inch. IPS technology full lamination. Protects all this tempered glass with the effect of 2.5 D.

Первый взгляд на Meizu M6s: бюджетник, который выделился1

Display colorful, bright colors, maximum brightness of 450 nits. Is the function of eye protection.

Super mBack and mTouch

Feature of all smartphones Meizu until 2018 was touch-mBack mechanical button under the screen, through which it was possible to go back or home and then there was the fingerprint scanner. Due to the increase in display from it had to be abandoned, but Meizu has come up with something better.

First, the fingerprint scanner is moved to the right lateral side. With mTouch 2.1 smartphone rasplachivatsya for 0.2 seconds! Works fine regardless of how you take smartphone.

Первый взгляд на Meizu M6s: бюджетник, который выделился2

Second, circle. Before the appearance of the button mBack in smartphones MX2, MX3, MX4 and the other was touch the circle at the bottom of the screen to control the interface and now it’s back with a new name — Super mBack. Thanks to him you can go back to easy click to go to the home screen at the strong touch, and swipe left or right to switch between running applications. New and strange, praise the one who invented it.

Первый взгляд на Meizu M6s: бюджетник, который выделился3

In the settings you can set the background bar, and also include the standard navigation menu Android of triangle (back), circle (home) and square (open applications).

Первый взгляд на Meizu M6s: бюджетник, который выделился4

Works Meizu M6s on Android Flyme 6 7 c and proprietary technology self-study One Mind, which over time will start to speed up launching frequently used applications.


With the announcement of the Meizu M6s, the debut of Samsung’s Exynos processor 7872, made on 14-nanometer process technology. This is a 6-core chip with two Cortex A73 with a clock frequency of 2.0 GHz and four cores Cortex A53 with a frequency of 1.6 GHz. For the schedule meets the Mali-G71.

At this step the company went because of requests from fans, according to the head of marketing Meizu. Specifically, this more powerful processor MediaTek Helio P20, 659 Kirin Huawei and even Qualcomm Snapdragon 625. But on M6s there was a slight problems with optimization, I expect changes in updates.

RAM with just one option — 3 GB enough for gaming, and simultaneous running of several applications in a multi-window mode. Internal memory with two options — 32 or 64 GB.

More megapixels!

Forgot to update, and the main camera — here now 16 MP with fast phase focus, on first impressions not bad at all. The sensor of the smartphone, unfortunately, was not disclosed, but we know that the luminosity here is only f/2.0 and pixel size of 1.12 um. Over the quality of the photos, especially the HDR shots, the specialists ArcSoft. The feelings, the level PRO 6.

Первый взгляд на Meizu M6s: бюджетник, который выделился5

These guys previously worked on software for the front camera and the technology of Face AE Light Boost technology in real-time improves your face effects. Frontalka in on M6s 8 megapixels and aperture as the primary. For average selfies and video calling enough.

Fast charging via microUSB

Unfortunately, the smartphone didn’t receive the USB connector-C, there are also MicroUSB with OTG support. The battery capacity of 3000 mAh with fast charging mCharge up to 50% enough 30 minutes of charging.

Первый взгляд на Meizu M6s: бюджетник, который выделился6

Slot hybrid, either two nano-SIM with 4G support (including Russian bands) or one nano-SIM and memory card up to 128 GB. There is a connector mini-jack for headphones. Bluetooth version 4.2, Wi-Fi with frequency of 2.4 GHz and 5GHz. NFC for contactless payment, there is no very sorry, it would give advantage compared to competitors.

Blue metal

Meizu M6s are made of metal and produced in four colours — black, gold, silver, and blue. The latter especially looks nice.

Первый взгляд на Meizu M6s: бюджетник, который выделился7

Первый взгляд на Meizu M6s: бюджетник, который выделился8

Первый взгляд на Meizu M6s: бюджетник, который выделился9

Official sales in Russia is scheduled for the end of February, the cost and date of pre-order coming soon on the official website of the company.

Preliminary results

Первый взгляд на Meizu M6s: бюджетник, который выделился10

Meizu was able to hold the bar and stand out among many similar competitors. Here is everything to expect from budget smartphone at the end of 2017 — the power, autonomy, fast, fingerprint scanner and large screen. A new control system will appeal to fans of the brand.

However, from the next generation of employees we expect at least a USB-C port and NFC. It’s about time!


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