Facebook users will be able to determine the credibility of news sources

Пользователи Facebook смогут определять достоверность источников новостей

On his page on Facebook, mark Zuckerberg stated that the news issued in the ribbon will now be evaluated for accuracy. The most quality sources will rise in the results.

«Today the world is too much sensationalism, misinformation and polarization. Social networks allow people to spread information faster than ever, and if we don’t solve these problems, in the end, we will complicate them,» writes Zuckerberg.

A new rotation system will start to work Monday. To determine the reliability and validity of the sources, Facebook plans to regularly interview users of the social network. This option the company is considered the most objective. While Zuckerberg said that the update will not affect the amount of information, but only «change the balance».

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This is the second global innovation in Facebook this year. Previously, the news feed algorithm was modified so that users see more content from friends and relatives.


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