Essential sold less than 90 thousand smartphones in the first six months

Essential продала меньше 90 тысяч смартфонов за первые полгода

The company Essential Products, founded by the Creator of Android Andy Rubin, so far released only one product — the Essential mobile Phone. With the launch of the device had problems, in particular, after the announcement left the company a few top managers, but the international release was delayed for two months. This failure has not ended, the company sold a total of 5,000 smartphones for the first month, and in six months, according to research firm IDC, 88 000 units.

Research Director at IDC, Francisco Jeronimo, tweeted that «smartphone Enid ruby is still far from a successful enterprise».

Essential would be unable to compete with AAA brands in the production of smartphones, however, so a small number of units sold suggests that to launch a new brand in an established market is very hard.

This is evidenced by hard change: at the start of the cost of Essential Phone was 700 dollars, but two months later was reduced to $ 500. However, the smartphone continues to improve, in one of the recent updates improved the camera app. It is also known that Android Oreo is not far off. In addition, the company entered the market of accessories, releasing a pair of headphones.

Essential продала меньше 90 тысяч смартфонов за первые полгода1
Essential Home

At the moment we know only of a single device working in the company — smart column Home Essential with a touch screen. The release date is unknown.


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