EA gives away Dead Space for free for PC

In the digital store Origin publisher Electronic Arts is handing out for free the first part of a horror third person shooter Dead Space for the PC.

Dead Space was released in 2008 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The game gave wide popularity of the now closed Studio Visceral Games. The game’s plot revolves around Isaac Clarke — engineer space station «the Ishimura», the crew of which turned into horrific creatures (necromorphs), reminiscent of zombies, insects and aliens.

Through the laser cutter and other futuristic weapons the player literally cuts his way to answer the question: what’s going on here? The oppressive atmosphere and the «meat» of the gameplay praised by critics and ordinary gamers. On the aggregator Metacritic ratings, the project was awarded 86 points out of 100, based on reviews from critics and 8 points out of 10, according to player feedback.


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