Apple introduced an Analytics tool for artists at Apple Music

Apple представила инструмент аналитики для исполнителей на Apple Music

Apple launches Apple Music for Artists — a new dashboard that allows executives to track the habits and purchases of listeners, and to view various analyses.

While the feature is only available in beta testing for thousands of musicians. Others will be able to use the service in the spring. It is also creating a mobile app.

The panel displays the current number of reproductions, purchase albums and songs. Analytics is available for the entire period of the existence of Apple Music, starting from January 2015. In addition, artists will be available to map, using which you can view individual metrics (including demographic) in a particular country or city. Ideally, the analyst will help artists to plan tours and concerts program.

Apple представила инструмент аналитики для исполнителей на Apple Music1

Apple is not first who started a similar program. Spotify, for instance, has provided artists monitoring and analysis of data in April last year.



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