Xiaomi raises funds for the mouse with fingerprint reader

Xiaomi собирает средства на мышь со сканером отпечатков пальцев

On kraudfandingovoy site Xiaomi began fundraising for wired mouse with a built-in fingerprint scanner located in front of the wheel.

The fingerprint scanner is compatible with Windows Hello, and, therefore, it can be used to authorize the user computers running Windows.

Xiaomi собирает средства на мышь со сканером отпечатков пальцев1

The budget mouse uses an optical sensor Pixart PAW3515 production company with a leading position in the development of sensors for gaming mice. PAW3515 resolution is 1600 dpi, and a maximum acceleration of 8 G. Key installed in the «rodent», able to withstand over 5 million clicks.

The campaign to raise funds the device will cost 199 yuan (~1 800 rubles). To order the mouse is available in three colors: graphite, white and black. Estimated date of delivery is April 15.


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