Xiaomi raises funds for air purifier

Xiaomi собирает средства на очиститель воздуха

On kraudfandingovoy site Youpin Xiaomi is raising funds for an air purifier with a maximum capacity of 220 cubic m/h.

The device with dimensions 582×390×236 mm and a weight of 11 kg is attached to the wall. A system of three filters stops particles down to PM 2.5 — microscopic particles and tiny droplets of liquids, capable of passing through biological barriers.

Xiaomi собирает средства на очиститель воздуха1

Air cleaner able to work in space, ranging from 8 to 50 sq. m. Maximum noise level and power consumption reach: 41,3 dB and 48 W, respectively. To control the purifier is a touch OLED display or a mobile application.

The campaign to raise funds the device will cost buyers 1 499 yuan (~13 900 rubles).


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