Uber self-driving car knocked down a woman to death

Беспилотный автомобиль Uber сбил женщину насмерть

The police of the city Tempe (Arizona, USA) is investigating the accident involving unmanned taxi service Uber, which led to the death of a person. The incident occurred in the night from 18 to 19 March.

Беспилотный автомобиль Uber сбил женщину насмерть1

A resident of Arizona outside of the sidewalk when she was hit by a car, Uber moving in the automatic control mode with the operator behind the wheel. The woman later died in hospital from his injuries.

In connection with the incident, Uber suspended the testing of unmanned vehicles in San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Phoenix, Toronto. The company is cooperating with police in investigating the incident.

Condolences to the family of the deceased. We are fully cooperating with the police Rate and the local authorities in the investigation of the incident.

Previously, Uber already has discontinued the testing of unmanned taxi. So in March of 2017 in Arizona empty car under AI control refused to give way. In the accident the taxi was upside down. Uncompromising driver escaped with a fright.


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