The Car-Share «Yandex.The drive» started in Moscow

Каршеринг «Яндекс.Драйв» запустился в Москве

21 Feb the new service from the «Yandex» — car sharing «Drive» started to work in Moscow. On the run was known in December. The company enters a new market that already has a lot of experienced competitors.

The fleet of «Drive» includes 750 cars Kia Rio (sedan), Kia Rio X-Line (cross-hatchback) and Renault Kaptur (crossover). «Yandex» plans to increase the number of cars in the future. In Moscow carsharing «Telemobil», BelkaCar and Youdrive together account for approximately 3,000 vehicles. Models of similar cars — Kia Rio and Renault Kaptur is practically everywhere, and the X-Line is available in BelkaCar. The fleet will be painted in white color with an orange strip in the rear part of the housing.

In every car «Yandex.Drive» installed multimedia system «Yandex.Auto». Users will be able to build routes in the GPS, listen to music, use the «Yandex.The browser» and so on. However, the system has not yet learned how to manipulate a rental car, you will have to use a smartphone.

Каршеринг «Яндекс.Драйв» запустился в Москве1

The tariffs in the car-sharing dynamic. The minute of the trip will be 5 rubles, but the price may increase due to various factors: the demand for cars, time of day, weather conditions and others. The model of the machine is not affected. Unknown the rise in the cost of travel in difficult conditions and how exactly the price is calculated. The Head Of «Yandex.Drive» Anton Ryazanov has spoken on this matter.

[Rates] are calculated using an algorithm that takes into account the traffic situation and the demand for cars. For example, on the morning of the rental will be cheaper to offset more than the long way.

In addition, soon in test mode, will appear on a fixed tariff, where the cost of the trip is entirely calculated in advance — for this you need to set your destination trip. The company believes that it will be possible to save on the use of the service. The rest of the competitors fixed per-minute rates, which vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Try «Yandex.Drive» in Moscow right now, installing proprietary applications on iOS or Andoid, and after registration. This will require passport, driving license, Bank card and experience in the category «B» from two years.



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