The anonymity of the Internet to harm, not benefit

Анонимность в интернете — вред, а не благо

The question of anonymity in General and the Internet in particular, is quite sensitive issue, which has no unambiguous interpretation. Bearing this in mind, I want to share thoughts and to Express, perhaps not the most popular now opinion: the anonymity of the Internet is harmful.

When a person publishes information impersonal, hiding behind a pseudonym and drawn the avatar, then he has an illusory sense of impunity and permissiveness. Without worrying about identity, people are allowed to write and speak what he never would in person. Insults, accusations and forgery of facts, unfortunately, become commonplace in modern Internet communication.

In addition to a more considered publication of materials, deanonimizatsiya brings another very important feature — personalize content. Readers are consuming information understand who is behind this material, and it allows you to form a relationship to written by the author. To understand how the opinion of the person can be trusted, whether he understands the subject and has the experience and knowledge to back up their judgments.

Анонимность в интернете — вред, а не благо1

Agree that the tips on how for example to take pictures, I want to obtain from a person photography. He can give you the much more valuable comments and tips, than the man who never in my life have the camera in the hands not kept, but somewhere, about something heard. Accordingly, the advice and the opinion of a second you will be treated with great care.

I always try to listen to the opinion of successful people, experts in particular fields. Most often, when a person achieves some success, it is not just luck, and experience, mistakes and hard work, and if people are willing to share, it is better not to miss this opportunity.

On the other hand take an abstract of the subject of the Internet, which is a popular member of a community of interest. He teaches you how to live, in terms of the significance of their views in the community, rather than specific facts. In the end, it turns out that it really is thirteen-year-old Bob, whose school is out and parents aren’t home yet or sorokalete Nikolai, an unemployed head of a clan in WOT or WOW, living with mom. And despite the fact that Bob really understands well in the series, and Nikolai Petrovich’s a great player, these knowledge and skills have no effect on their experience in different spheres.

Anonymity in Russia

Currently, Russia is actively combating anonymity: package Spring, locking domains, initiatives to control messages in instant messengers and social networks, as well as many other bills. Many people understand that now you can really suffer for your virtual statements. Unfortunately, increasingly, there are news that once someone was convicted of a repost in «Vkontakte» or conversations on Twitter. However, you must understand that this is not a problem of the network identification and the investigation of specific laws and the political situation in our country.

On the other hand, if you personally are not prepared to defend its position and to face the consequences of your conscious choice, then maybe not so strong for your beliefs. If for every action and utterance can not be traced to a specific person, it is not clear whether this is a personal opinion and position, or is it just a bot whose task is just that opinion to form. Freedom of speech certainly should be, but it has to come from clear and a real person.

Анонимность в интернете — вред, а не благо2

Let’s try to ignore the questionable arrests and fabricated on an empty place of business. The state regulation of the Internet has a positive side: lock pirate resources, communities calling for the suicide terrorist cells. Children are not in contact with pornography or violence, adults are trying to protect against dubious sects and gambling (though often unsuccessfully). Is it bad?

Almost all the inventions of mankind could be used to harm and benefit. The discovery of the atom has given mankind a source of cheap energy and the means of mass destruction. The situation is similar with the Internet, it’s exactly the same double-edged sword. On the one hand it is easy access to limitless knowledge base, the ability to quickly contact the person in any part of the world, but on the other hand a means of propaganda, the illicit trafficking and sale of drugs and weapons. The government is trying to create a tool that allows you to control the Internet, but will it be good or not, depends on how and who the tool will use.

Be yourself

It seems to me that if every statement on the Internet will stand a specific person with a name rather than an impersonal picture username, it will radically change the level of social responsibility. Communication will become more enjoyable and balanced, and the opinion of the individual will be assessed in proportion to its real achievements and experience.

Анонимность в интернете — вред, а не благо3

When communicating online, I always follow one simple rule: «Communicate online the way you would communicate with them in person». Yet it has never failed me.


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