Sony cut the price of bundles PlayStation VR up to $ 200

Sony снизила стоимость бандлов PlayStation VR до 200 долларов

One of the best virtual reality helmets, PlayStation VR has become more accessible. Only from 18 February to 3 March you can purchase one of three kits with a discount of $ 100.

The most affordable bundle includes the PS VR helmet, camera for motion capture and the game Gran Turismo Sport — price $ 199.

Sony снизила стоимость бандлов PlayStation VR до 200 долларов1

Other options will be more expensive:

  • PS VR helmet, camera, and game Doom — $ 299 (instead of $ 399).
  • PS VR helmet, camera, two move motion controller and play Skyrim — $ 349 (instead of $ 449)

If the first and the last option is clear, then, pay for the game Doom makes no sense, since separately it can be purchased for $ 30, saving.

The promotion is valid on the territory of the United States, therefore, please note the amount for shipping.



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