Smart speakers Alexa giggle and scare users

Умные колонки Alexa хихикают и пугают пользователей

Users smart speaker digital assistant Alexa aboard complain on Twitter and in a comment on Reddit on the strange behavior of the voice assistant.

In response to some command or no causes the digital assistant may include human laughter or song, the content of which prevails mysticism. For example, the song Welcome To The Black Parade the band My Chemical Romance.

Some users terrible behavior Alex struck at work during a meeting, while the real lucky it caught the house at a late hour. Voice assistant have a few options of laughter, some of which sound really scary.

To provoke a «laugh» may direct a request for playback of laughter. However, the causes of phantom laughter still not disclosed. Column should not produce any sound until you hear the code word Alexa (the default).

Amazon, who created Alex, had no comment about the creepy work of an assistant.


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