Six functions that we are waiting for the Galaxy Note 9

Шесть функций, которые мы ждём в Galaxy Note 9

In February, the release of one of the most anticipated flagships, Samsung — Galaxy S9. And if last year it made a splash frameless design, this time was a minor update and correction of mistakes.

What’s next? Traditionally, we’re even more expensive Galaxy Note 9, but will it be amazing or just S9 with a stylus? Here are six features that would help the next Note to be better.

1. The fingerprint scanner in the screen

Rumors about this technology went even before the announcement of the Note 8, but still working sample we have received.

Chinese Vivo ahead of everyone, presenting the first smartphone with the scanner in the display, but it is almost impossible to buy. And then APEX is the edge-to-edge smartphone in the world at the moment. Apple generally refused from this idea, replacing the fingerprint system, facial recognition Face ID.

Шесть функций, которые мы ждём в Galaxy Note 91

If Samsung will manage to implement the reading finger across the display — this will free up space near the camera, and will start mass production of this technology.

2. The reference face scanner

But we must not forget about the face scanner. Now this technology is better and more reliable all implemented in the iPhone X. the First time we saw a similar Samsung, had many bugs and flaws, one of which is cheating with a photograph. In S9 promise a perfect job, even at night.

However, the unlocking is implemented solely using the front-facing camera and software. Agree, when I use a similar system of protection, I want to be sure of its reliability at 100%.

Шесть функций, которые мы ждём в Galaxy Note 92

System iPhone X projects to 30 thousand points on the face, memorizing a 3D model. It is worth saying that technology from Apple is also far from ideal. Face ID confuses the twins and does not recognize the face, if wearing sunglasses, and the speed has room to grow.

Technology Snapdragon 845 allows to memorize up to 50 thousand points. It remains only to add sensors and technology to implement the signature chips.

3. Variable aperture for the front camera

Samsung first in the world showed a variable aperture in the main chamber Galaxy S9. Great, but only the first step.

Шесть функций, которые мы ждём в Galaxy Note 93

If Samsung is already a step ahead in technology when the camera was triggered, it was a good idea to transfer this success and on the front selfie camera to make great pictures in the dark.

4. The second front facing camera for portrait shots

Let Google and proved that a single camera for portraits with blur, but so far this no one has, and the tools for processing portrait shots better than anyone on the iOS platform.

So either you have to copy the competitors, or to go on a nakatanny way to add a front camera. This is not new, there are, for example, Huawei. To hell with the flash front, it’s like no one uses it, but to make your own beautiful portrait — really pleasant and helpful.

5. Reassign the call button Bixby

Fashion to your own voice (or not) assistants often brings more inconvenience than benefits. It happened with private key for signature of the assistant Bixby, of which we saw with the announcement of the Galaxy S8.

Шесть функций, которые мы ждём в Galaxy Note 94

If you have an extra button on the smartphone, then why not give the option to reassign it to what you want. I would have gladly replaced it for quick access to camera — this button was back in the Nokia 920 — the convenience can’t tell you.

Rumors about reassigning keys go from the beginning of the development of the Samsung Experience 9.0, but no action yet we have not seen.

6. Bring to mind selfimage

New feature Galaxy S9 with the creation of your avatar and stickers based on it little motivation to purchase the flagship for 70 thousand rubles. Even less motivating is the fact that this mechanism works, to put it mildly, not very. Often guesses with the tone of the skin and the outline of the face. Facial expressions are absolutely crooked and slanting, working bad.

Шесть функций, которые мы ждём в Galaxy Note 95

iPhone X let and does not know this, but it is Animagi read every contour of the face, many thanks to the sensors.

It’s just six ideas, and what you are missing in the Galaxy S9? Share in the comments.


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