Roskomnadzor has submitted the claim about the Telegram lock

Роскомнадзор подал иск о блокировке Telegram

Roscomnadzor filed suit in the Tagansky district court about blocking Telegram, the press service of the Ministry.

Company Telegram Messenger LLP has not fulfilled the requirement of the FSB on the transfer of keys to decrypt messages, what is the responsibility of the organizer of information dissemination 4.1. article 10.1 of the Federal law «On information, information technologies and protection of information».

«On the basis of article 15.4 of the Federal law «On information, information technologies and protection of information» by Roskomnadzor on Friday, April 6, filed a claim in the Tagansky district court of Moscow with the requirement about restriction of access on the territory of Russia to the information resources of an organizer of information dissemination in the Internet Telegram Messenger Limited Liability Partnership», — stated in the message of Roskomnadzor.

Representatives of the Telegram is repeatedly stated that to hand over the keys technically impossible because they are stored on the user devices and the employees themselves do not have access to them.

What will happen next:

  • The court will decide to block the messenger.
  • Telegram would appeal and lose.
  • Roskomnadzor sends the second requirement about the transfer of keys.
  • Telegram it will not perform.
  • Lock messenger.

All of these processes roughly take about two months. It will then lock.

The press service of Roskomnadzor


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