New video copies the Galaxy S9 is Steve jobs

In the night from Sunday to Monday will be held the ceremony of awarding the winners of the award «Oscar». For this event, Samsung released a video with celebrities.

The video begins with two girls, to talk about creating something. They want to create something new, because in this world, if you do not produce anything, then end up doing what others say.

The main characters of the video get tips from different «creators». For example, Issa RAE, an American actress, writer and Director advised to do something embarrassing.

«Find a new way,» says another American actress Constance Wu, known for minor roles.

And the film is directed by «Thor: Ragnarok» Taika, Waititi advises to do something big or if the budget is not enough, small.

Fans of Apple products have noticed the similarity of the video with is Apple — Here’s to the Crazy Ones, calling to think differently (Think Different).

The new advertising campaign Samsung is slogan Do What You Can’t (Do what you can’t).


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