LG is thinking about the appearance of «eyebrows» in the G7

LG раздумывает о появлении «брови» в G7

Account LG Support on the forum Reddit decided to ask the participants subreddit Android, what they think about the cutout in the upper part of the display?

We would like to gather a few reviews to share with R&D team.

Currently post has been deleted, but the debate beneath is available for viewing, where the predominant view was against the introduction of «eyebrows» in the upcoming smartphone of the Korean company. Probably LG is going to implement the cut in the flagship G7.

The iPhone X has spawned a number of devices with the notch in the display, including: ZenFone 5, Oppo R15, Vivo V9. Co-founder OnePlus Carl Pei said that Apple sets the trends and the company’s new flagship will be to meet them.


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