Google workers urged the leadership to abandon cooperation with the Pentagon

Работники Google призвали руководство отказаться от сотрудничества с Пентагоном

More than 3,100 employees of Google have signed a letter urging the CEO of Sundar Pichai refused assistance from the U.S. Department of defense.

In April 2017, Google has launched a program Project Maven. Its essence is to provide a library of machine learning TensorFlow to improve accuracy of unmanned vehicles of the Pentagon. In a letter to employees States that «this contract jeopardizes the reputation of the company and contrary to its basic values.»

In response, Google spokesman said that the Corporation «are not offensive» and are used in particular for improved recognition of people. On April 3, the meeting Sundar Pichai said that discussion of such issues as «extremely important and useful» but did not mention the letter to employees of the company.

It is believed that the main task of the Project Maven is handling videos: the system must recognize objects of the 38 categories and monitor the movements of people.

The New York Times


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